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V22 Program SupportV-22 Osprey Program Training & Support

Felton Batiste provided On-Site Aviation Event Ground Station
AMEGS) Technical Support Management for the Osprey Program during its initial implementation  and stand up at MCAS New River
     Automated Maintenance Event Ground Station (AMEGS)
Brief Overview

AMEGS is a software application that display all fault records and diagnostic indications that are recorded on the V-22 Air craft’s database during each flight.

AMEGS has configurations of
Stand alone, Server/Client and Deployable configurations. 

Stand-Alone Configuration require a full Sybase DB installation and a AMEGS full server installation, which allows AMEGS application to add new users directly to the Sybase database, giving users permission to access and display all
V-22 fault data and diagnostic indications.

Server Client Configuration requires a full Sybase installation on the server, a full AMEGS Server installation on the server and a AMEGS Client installation on each usable client that will be used by users to view V-22 data. ODBC Drivers are configured to support the interface between AMEGS and NALCOMIS.

Deployable Configuration requires a full Sybase database installation, a full AMEGS Server Installation with ODBC drivers configured to support the AMEGS and NALCOMIS interface.
AMEGS Client installation is also required for all user laptops/desktops on deployable assets. 

AMEGS Implementation Support

Felton Batiste served as AMEGS Subject Matter Expert (SME), providing AMEGS support at, and, for military, civilian and government employees, working and stationed at Pautuxent River M.D., Edwards Air Force Base C. A., as well as any scheduled V-22 detachments for either, or, all locations.  Felton additionally provided AMEGS technical writing support by designing and creating AMEGS instructional material, scheduling and presenting AMEGS formal instructions at MCAS New River, Pax River M.D. and Edwards Air Force Base C. A..  Felton presented AMEGS formal instructions for more than 900 U. S. Marines, Air Force, Government and Civilian personnel, between 2001 and 2006.
AMEGS Development Support

As V-22 Osprey AMEGS On-Site Manager, it was Felton Batiste's responsibility to provide marines with a direct link to AMEGS software development team, regarding software issues and software enhancement recommendations.  Felton served as a member of the AMEGS Tiger Team, which held meetings with AMEGS users to prioritize AMEGS enhancement wish lists based,
on available funding.
V-22 AMEGS Software Testing

Felton Batiste provide AMEGS Test support by serving as one of AMEGS official test subjects that performed AMEGS pre-qualification, qualification and final qualifications tests on the AMEGS Software at Raytheon Technical Services, Inc. Indianapolis, I. N.  Software Support Association (SSA) requires all government software to be tested prior to any installation into any production environment.









V-22 Osprey Training, MCAS New River, 03

AMEGS Training was provided initially as a power point presentation, supplemented with physical training material.  By the second year of training, we were delivering training with 10 laptops, connected to a server with a full AMEGS installation and a created database that would allow us to walk users through the process of logging into AMEGS, downloading a actual flight, then attempt to prognosticate maintenance based on a series of fault records associated with a series of V-22 Flights. 

V-22 Formal On-Site Training 03

As a result of the success of the AMEGS Application itself and the demand to provide more advance data interpretation training, we redesigned AMEGS Training to provide Basic, Advanced and System Administrator Training.
The 3 levels of training allowed us to provide AMEGS training for each and every member of the V-22 maintenance departments.  The 3 levels of training were provided to all Marines, Air Force personnel and any V-22 supporting entity that utilize AMEGS
as a resource for V-22 maintenance.

Felton Batiste:
MCAS New River, N. C. V-22 Osprey AMEGS Site Manager, SME, DBA, Software Instructor, Technical Training Material Designer, and
AMEGS POC – 2000 – 2006

<--MCAS New River V-22 Osprey AMEGS Advance Fault Indication Diagnostic Training
for key personnel presented by Boeing, Royals Royce and Raytheon SME's.
Felton Batiste, with Boeing Vibration Statistical Engineer, prior to class and during formal instructional presentation.

AMEGS Training Preperation, Laptop Set Up



AMEGS Training, Students in Attendents





Felton Batiste & Boeing Vibration Analysis Eng.


M-SHARP Program Support & Training

for 12 Marine Aviation Squadrons, providing
M-SHARP support for
V-22, CH-46, CH-53, UH-1N, and AH-1W
TMS Air Craft






M-SHARP Team members at

M-SHARP initial Software

Training at Miramar C. A.

Innova Systems LLC -  MCAS New, River Jacksonville, N. C.
Marine-Sierra Hotel Aviation Readiness Program (M-SHARP) Support Analyst

MCAS New River M-SHARP Site Manager, SME, Software Instructor

Innova Systems scouted Felton and subsequently brought him on board to support and represent M-SHARP for MCAS New RiverM-SHARP was in its development stage with the intent to start its initial implementation at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in Dec 06.
The objective was to have a M-SHARP representative for
MCAS Miramar, Camp Pendleton, Yuma Arizona, Cherry Pt., New River, Hawaii, and Okinawa.

M-SHARP, a newly developed software that provides Marine Aviation Training Readiness support by allowing marine aviation squadrons to use M-SHARP to create squadron flight schedules and personnel scheduling, while allowing M-SHARP
to track squadron readiness level. 

The M-SHARP Team of analysts were responsible for all concerns associated with M-SHARP for their military installation, as well as representing their particular installation during conferences and meetings for software enhancements, user suggestions, and software upgrades. 

M-SHARP replaced previously utilized software that was not being used at a effective level, primarily because it was poorly implemented and not supported.  Marine Squadrons developed their own systems of tracking flight schedules and pilot training, such as using excel spread sheets.  M-SHARP brought technology and broad functionality to the table.

All M-SHARP Team Members provided M-SHARP formal training support for MCAS Miramar and MCAS Cherry Pt..  During the initial M-SHARP Training at MCAS Miramar, we chose to focus on 1 squadron in order to allow M-SHARP Team Members to continue to learn specific areas of M-SHARP Software during its continued development.
Each instructor would present a specific subject area of M-SHARP.

M-SHARP Training provided at Cherry Pt & New River


Training, Feb. 07. 
I advised Program Management to design focused training with actual squadron data thereby enhancing
M-SHARP Software Training,
allowing the users to see
M-SHARP Functionality.
Each Laptop was configured with a test database, providing actual
software functionality.


M-SHARP Biggest Training

My many years of experience of presenting software training and
handling all logistical requirements that would create a “real time
training environment.
  A copy of the squadrons existing pilot training database was forwarded to
M-SHARP software development team, allowing the data to update the production server such that during training,
users are looking at squadron live data.

15 Marine Aviation Squadrons were represented at MCAS New River M-SHARP Training, to include a Marine Corps Reservation Squadron from
L. A. and T. X..

At the conclusion of New River formal
M-SHARP Training, I supported the
15 Squadrons for MCAS New River.