Creating a Database
in MS SQL Server 2012






Creating a MS SQL Server Database using SS Management Studio



Opening MS SQL Server 2012 Managment Studio (SSMS)


Via the Connect to Server window, click “connect” to open SQL Server Management Studio


From the Object Explorer, access your Data Warehouse Database.




The initial screen that you will see when viewing SSMS displays below,
showing the initial system installed support configuration.

SSMS Initial opening window
MS SQL Server 2012 installation on my local machine displays the computer name as the installed instance being used.


Creating a new MS SQL Server Database:


Click on the "+" beside the "Database Folder" to expand the tree.  Then "Right Click" on the word Database and mouse over "New Database" to highlight the box and then click.



The New Database Window below, displays and 4 steps are required to create a database name and identify the database owner.
Follow the steps below starting with the first dot, then to the next and finally, "ok" to create your Database Name, and identify the database owner.



Configuring the Database Files steps are below:
Beginning with the "General" selection under the "Select a Page" window, follow the directions to make changes to the database configurations.


Select the "Option" word and lets change the recovery model from "Full" to "Simple",
by following the steps below.


Select the "Filegroups" selection in "New Database" window and then we will simply accept the default setting by clicking "ok".


Clicking OK in the New Database window will successfully create a new database in
MS SQL Server 2012 and you can view the new database and all the associating files
by refreshing the Object Explorer via the "refresh" button
with the green arrows to the right of the word " connect ".


After refreshing, expand "Databases" and click on the "+" next to the Database Name that you assigned and your database folders will display as highlighted below.


The New Database name is "Test DB BTEKS".

Microsoft SQL Server 2012:


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