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Let Batiste Technical Services Serve as your Technical Resource Pool to fill your job description requirements with Experience Personnel or Sharp Minded Trainable Candidates

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The Resource Black Hole.

BTEKS 3 Elements Foundational Philosophy:

The results of today's technology advancements has created, what BTEKS calls, the "resource black hole", in that, the areas of personnel demands are and continue to grow faster than we can train people to support areas of Database Administration, Network and System Administration and Website Designers.  BTEKS Business Philosophy specifically addresses the resource black hole with its 3 Element Foundational Philosophy.


BTEKS Black Hole Solution

BTEKS Business Intent Goals:


BTEKS, similar to all businesses, yet unlike all businesses, addresses the resource black hole by training it's own resources, ultimately creating a business philosophy flexibility unheard of in today's business environment.  BTEKS solution to the resource black hole is within it's 3 Element Business Philosophy

1. Create a Pool of Oracle DBAs whom can server as standard DBAs, Technical Support Representatives, Program Management Support and a list of other technical positions as a result of having the technical skills and knowledge of an Oracle DBA.


2. In Concert with the Oracle DBAs, BTEKS will create a pool of System Administrators who will provide the foundation of System Administration necessary to support small business as well as large businesses needs.


3. To complete BTEKS 3 Elements of Business Philosophy, BTEKS will create a pool of Website Designers whom can provide website and dynamic website design services.


3 Elements of Business

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Current Work Market:

The World is experiencing a market growth unheard of since the early 20th Century, in that, a specific technology has created the type of advancements which increases faster than the training of the work force can adjust too. Present technology, lead by the invent of the internet, has generated the types of area of expertise that does not have a current college curriculum, areas such as Database Administration, Website Design and Network and System Administrators. These 3 areas of market growth, as identified by BTEKS, are called "The 3 Elements of Business". How do we address this sudden and unexpected technological growth associated with the 3 elements of business?


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